05/02/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love can change anything.

Sat Nam


05/02/2020 Tratakam

Go within

Experience who you are


Inside your life

There is more


I am

Your entire being


I bring you life

I create everything


Every cell

Every vision


In your presence

I exist


Care for yourself

Heal yourself


Listen to every moment

Allow your life to exist





What you feel

Is what you are to heal


Within you

Within all


Feel at peace

Create peace


See my world

Returning to neutral


Caring for each

Giving to all


Be with me in this moment

Be with me always



Go slowly


Breathe consciously

Allow my day to exist


Be silent

Listen to all


Give this day

My presence


Focus on my Word

Welcome each life that I lead



By my Light within You



Be who you are


Be at rest within every moment



Live here

Live in your heart


Give to every life

Create peace within each heart


Sat Nam