05/01/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In remembrance of the One that connects All, you learn to dwell in the hearts of all.  Giving each one the opportunity to experience true humility.

Sat Nam


05/01/2020 Tratakam

In order to serve all

You must first serve You


You must find your ability

To remain neutral


You must forgive

Your limitations


You must accept

Your abilities


You must be able to share









Every moment

In remembrance of the One


Your life

Is to be alive


Enjoy each day

Unattached and free


The mind is quick to judge

Limitations caused by others


You are free

If you believe you are


Your day is lived

As you choose to live it


There is nothing controlling you

Except your mind


Who and what your mind judges

You are made to believe you must judge too


Simply live each day

Live to breathe happiness into each moment


Simply live

To breathe consciously each day


The moment is near

Your life is here


With the ability

To feel peaceful


Longing to live

With every moment


Fully aware

Of my song


Relax this moment

Give my love


Create the moment

That all are one


Love each moment

Remain neutral


As you see

See as I do


Release your thoughts

Remain neutral


Radiate my love

Vibrate my Word


In the face of what challenges you

You are to be neutral


The greatest challenge

The most powerful song


In neutrality

We are One





Creating peace

Creating love


In my breath

You will find your way



My love


Know your Truth

Remain steady


Your strength

Is in your love


Sat Nam